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Russia Claims Massive New Oil Field
Russia has announced the discovery of a massive new oil and gas find in the Astrakhan region of Russia, near the Caspian Sea. Continue reading
Fracking's New Challenge: Radioactive Waste
Hydraulic fracking is the driving force behind the energy revolution in the United States. The technology allows drillers to bore through shale formations and blast them with a recipe of pressurized water, sand, and chemicals. This process has been blamed for tainted water supplies, air pollution, a massive jump in earthquakes, and now radioactive waste. Continue reading
Booming U.S. Energy Desperately Needs Skilled Labor
Oil and gas companies are spending a record $35 billion on projects along the Houston Ship Channel. Louisiana has $60 billion worth of projects scheduled through 2016. Together they need more than 351,000 workers. Continue reading
The Lure Of LNG
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) was gaining attention long before Russia's invasion of Crimea sparked the Western world's search for alternatives to Moscow's gas exports. Continue reading
Nigeria Losing Exports While Angola Gaining Foreign Investment
Rising domestic oil production in the United States has significantly cut Nigerian oil exports to the U.S. Last year Nigeria's total crude oil export fell -13.4%. The sharp decline was a fueled by a -90% drop in oil exports to the U.S. Continue reading
Is Natural Gas In Rail's Future?
The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) believes that natural gas could become a significant fuel source for railroads in the future. Continue reading
Ukraine-Russian Tensions Rising Again
We could see more volatility in the oil market if pro-Russian protestors in Ukraine spark another conflict. Continue reading
U.S. Oil Reserves Near 40-Year High
The United States Energy Information Agency (EIA) recently published a report the "U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Proved Reserves (2012)". This new data shows that proven oil reserves in the U.S. have risen four years in a row in 2012. The increase has boosted reserves by 15% to 33 billion barrels. Continue reading
More Oil, Less Gas
That seems to be the recurring theme in the U.S. and that was the topic again last week. Continue reading
China Faces Larger Risks Fracking Shale
China is rushing to build up their nascent tight-oil industry. Unfortunately the country faces greater risk than the U.S. Continue reading
Russia & Ukraine Continue Arguing Over Gas
Russia has once again threatened to cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine over price disputes and unpaid bills. Gazprom, the Russian state-controlled energy company, says Ukraine owes them $2.2 billion. Continue reading
OPEC Needs To Pump More In 2014. IEA Updates Monthly Report
Oil produced by the twelve members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries accounts for about 40 percent of global oil supplies. In February the cartel pumped 30.51 million barrels a day in February. Continue reading
Russia Could Cut Gas Supplies. West Warns Of New Sanctions
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Europe that his country might be "forced" to cut the flow of natural gas to Ukraine over unpaid bills. The United States responded with accusations that Russia is using its energy dominance "as a tool of coercion." Continue reading
The Future Price Of Oil
"$100 a barrel for oil is becoming the new $20 a barrel in our business... costs have caught up to revenues for many classes of projects. If $100 is the new $20, consumers will a pay more for oil." Continue reading
Norway Fights To Explore The Arctic
The oil and gas industry has been key to Norway's financial success. Drilling for oil and gas account for more than 20% of the country's GDP. As the country seeks to keep the money flowing more and more eyes are turning north, to the Arctic ice cap, a largely unexplored, resource-rich area. Continue reading
Libya Could Triple Oil Exports
Progress with negotiations between Libyan rebels and the government on control of key oil ports could lead to significant export growth. Continue reading
Higher Home Heating Costs Ahead
A House committee voted to raise your home heating costs and the cost of your electricity. The vote was 15-11 in favor. Continue reading
The End Of U.S. Oil Imports?
The EIA issued a new forecast today. The best-case scenario projected the U.S. could be energy independent by 2037. Continue reading
What Happened To The Golden Age Of Gas?
A few years ago (2011) the International Energy Agency (IEA) produced a 100 plus page report titled, "Are We Entering The Golden Age Of Gas?". Continue reading
Is Fracking Causing More Earthquakes?
Oklahoma, centrally located in the U.S. just above Texas, is now the second most active state for earthquakes in the country. Continue reading