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If you have made it to this page then you are ready to join an elite group of investors who are structuring their energy portfolios to profit from the journey to Peak Oil and the normal volatility in the oil markets. Paid subscribers to OilSlick.com receive investment advice from seasoned professionals with an in-depth knowledge of how to profit from the rise and fall in oil prices.

The OilSlick energy recommendations newsletter is based on building both short and long term portfolios at key entry points in the energy cycle. The readers to the free commentary newsletter do not have access to these portfolios and play recommendations. Paid subscribers receive both newsletters.

Unlike a normal newsletter where the trades last 2-3 weeks a new subscriber to OilSlick will immediately benefit from the months of preparation it took to create the various portfolios we recommend. Granted a new subscriber will not be able to recreate the entry points but they will be able to view the months of commentary detailing the reasons behind the steps we took.

At OilSlick we are not looking for short-term subscribers who jump in and out of newsletter subscriptions. We gladly welcome investors who are interested in building a long-term relationship of trust and understanding that is aligned with our goals of long-term profitability. Readers will receive a wealth of education, which will allow them to fully understand what lies ahead not only in the energy sector but also in their daily lives as a result of the volatility in the oil market.

If you agree with the thoughts stated above then we would welcome you as a partner in this life-changing endeavor.

Jim Brown

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