How To Read OilSlick Stock Recommendations

Jim Brown
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Now that we have started making play recommendations it is important that readers know what to expect in the nightly newsletter. There are actually two newsletters. One is the news and views from the day's events and the other is the actual recommended plays for the day.

The news and commentary newsletter is a brief update of the events of the day that were relative to the sector. We are not going to try and summarize every little detail and bury you with data but only report the news that may impact future plays and sentiment. On Most days there is a short commentary article to lead the newsletter followed by the bullet point headlines. If you want to read a specific news article in full simply click the link in your email.

Paying subscribers will get a second email with the stock, option and futures recommendations for the day. There are four sections, commentary including options and futures recommendations, stock plays, a watch list of current plays with trigger points, stops and exit targets and a current portfolio listing showing the position, date and price of entry, stop and target.

The portfolio listing is different from the watch list because it is positions already entered while the watch list is positions we are trying to enter.

To view this data on the website click the "Stock Picks" tab on the navigation bar:

This will bring up the Premium Content navigation bar with the various links.

By default it will also display the latest newsletter updates for each of the sections. You can browse the page for the specific sections or click the links on the navigation bar to go directly to the play description you want.

At the bottom of each page is an archive link so you can browse all the prior recommendations of that specific type. Clicking on the archive link at the bottom of any Option Picks will provide a listing of all recent Option Picks.

On the far right is a Current Newsletter link. Clicking on that link gives you the most current play newsletter in full. Clicking on the archive link at the bottom gives you a list of all prior newsletters so you can review prior commentary and prior play descriptions.

I want to emphasize that the Premium Content in the Stock Picks section is for paid subscribers only. As we build up our various portfolios over the coming months it would not be fair for a trial reader to see all the positions and recommendations that other subscribers had paid to receive. This is not primarily a "trading" vehicle although we will trade. The primary focus will be to build a series of portfolios to profit from the future price increases in the energy sector as peak oil arrives.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Jim Brown