OilSlick.com Is Moving Closer to Full Production

Jim Brown
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Today marks the first email newsletter as we work out the kinks in the new website. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we smooth out the creases in the new publication.

We will not begin to create the stock portfolios and issue trading signals until January 4th. Once past the end of year low volume, tax trading hysteria we will begin to create positions to capitalize on the monthly swings in oil prices as well as position ourselves long term for the next bullish cycle in energy prices.

I am thrilled that crude prices are under $70 today because every dollar of decline today is a dollar of potential profit for us in 2010. It may be painful today if you are long any energy stocks but this is a necessary event that will clear the stops and flush the weak holders and make future positions more stable.

I am glad to have everyone aboard and look forward to January!

Jim Brown